Politico “journalism”

Unhinged left-wing reporter assholery at the liberal Politico.com today:


How bad was that Tweet? Bad enough that a gajillion people — from both the right and left — expressed their Twitter outrage.

That was followed-up, quite predictably, by a note by Politico leadership to staff (courtesy of @ErikWemple):

Hi all —

You will remember the note from John and me a few days ago in which we emphasized that POLITICO journalists are representing the publication at all times and on all platforms, and must present themselves accordingly. We also emphasized that the power of POLITICO comes from our independent reporting and analysis. Gratuitous opinion has no place, anywhere, at any time — not on your Facebook feed, your Twitter feed or any place else. It has absolutely zero value for our readers and should have zero place in our work

Julia loffe’s tweet this afternoon about President-elect Trump — currently and understandably racing across social media — is a clear example of the opposite of what we were talking about.

Julia had previously announced she is taking her work to the Atlantic. We have accelerated the close of her POLITICO contributor contract, effective immediately.

We understand how absolutely infuriating it is to have incidents like this tarnish POLITICO and the great work being done across the company. We feel the same, and as such there will be little tolerance for this type of behavior.
Thanks to the vast majority of you who are providing positive examples of the responsible way to engage on social media.

Carrie and John

That should keep things quiet at Politico for another week. Not so at the also very liberal The Atlantic, where she has supposedly been welcomed as a new contributor. Think they’ll keep her on despite this? You bet.


“News” outfit Global tweets out pro-lefty screed; replies are not on board

The tweet doesn’t even make any sense since it doesn’t say what “it” is. But the “news” story explains where he thinks the constitution should be changed to stop anyone elected to office — who doesn’t agree with the left’s man-made global warming industry and their mantra — from ever changing the policies the enviros enacted. Yeah. Liberal fascism, pretty much.

But go to this Twitter.com link to the tweet itself and read the dozens and dozens of comments. I think all but maybe one mock Global “news,” global warming, and Suzuki too.  Bear in mind, Suzuki is the same guy who said “climate deniers” should be jailed.


An openly dumb CNN and MSNBC hack could possibly go wrong

Another one-named left-wing shit-storm: Ladies and gentlemen, we present Touré, commenting on Steve Bannon being named as an advisor to President-elect Trump.

Just for laughs, let’s review (from Wikipedia):

…On July 24, 2015, media outlets reported that MSNBC was restructuring its television lineup to eliminate shows such as The Cycle [co-hosted by Touré] due to disappointingly low ratings.[45] MSNBC confirmed the cancellation on July 30.

Touré criticized and debated with Piers Morgan over the latter’s March 2012 interview with George Zimmerman‘s brother, particularly over what Touré saw as Morgan’s lack of response to Robert Zimmerman’s problematic replies.[46][47]

In August 2012, as part of a discussion on The Cycle, Touré claimed Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney had engaged in racial coding by calling President Barack Obama “angry,” and referred to this as “niggerization.” Touré apologized for using the word the next day.[48]

In May 2014, Touré drew criticism from the Simon Wiesenthal Center for implying Holocaust survivors succeeded in the U.S. after the Second World War because they were white: a blogger from the website Yo, Dat’s Racis’!! tweeted at Touré, “My family survived a concentration camp, came to the US w/ nothing, LEGALLY, and made it work” to which Touré replied, “the power of whiteness.” Touré later apologized for his comment, saying, “In an attempt to comment on racism in post World War II America, I used a shorthand that was insensitive and wrong.”[49][50]

Soledad O’Brien leaves CNN, keeps digging

Yeah. SOMEBODY misread reality. But I don’t think it was Trump.

Gotta love how nearly 800 people “liked” this former CNN anchor’s totally relevant post in which she joins Trump-haters CBS and the New York Times in their caustic, transparent effort to engineer the correct post-Trump-election left-wing zeitgeist: <<Donald Trump /Adolf Hitler>>.

At least it’s not a deplorable thing to do.




Are they TRYING to be dumb?

There were so many hideous post-election Tweets it could fill a whole web site. But dear God. Democracy is under attack in America? Because there was a fair election and the guy you hate with all your hearts and minds lost? So now it’s not fairness you actually want, but rather something undemocratic to ensure your guy or gal wins? Oh the stupid it burns.

Sanity is under attack in America, if anything is.

Sheer Tweet Poo

We thought it might be fitting to start this site with a Tweet from a Twitterer who might just be one of the most prolific TweetPooers around, and might appear in these pages often: Sally Kohn (most notably of CNN infamy). While we’ve heard she might be a nice gal, she does do some terrible tweeting. She may be using the wrong orifice to Tweet.

We don’t even know what it means, aside from being just another gratuitous slam at anything Trump. But we have a feeling it’s based on the notion that it is “bad” according to liberals and Democrats because it could be seen as a tribute to the suffragettes of the early 1900s; and, see, all Republicans hate all women and want them all to die and sure as Hell never vote, or something, so, see, it’s pretty bad ‘n stuff (proving once again how utterly stupid, shallow, insulting, divisive, and mendacious some people can be).

Possibly the best reaction to it was this one:

…but there were a lots of other replies — nearly entirely condemnatory.

Do birds fart?